TD-X MontageSeries

Professional Video Wall Display

High-Impact, High-Caliber Video Walls : Montage Puts It All Together

55" TD-X Series 2 x 2 Video Wall Shown

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In order to provide both bigger and better, Toshiba offers the TD-X MontageSeries video wall displays. With ultraslim 3.5mm combined bezel width and 500 or 700 Nit brightness (55"), these displays create truly high-impact, high-caliber video walls. They also offer full functionality with portrait and landscape modes, tiling mode, USB media player, RS232C, LAN and IR control, DisplayPort in/out, an Intel® OPS slot for use with a wide variety of optional modules and available calibration software. Plus, you can count on these true professional-grade displays rated for 24/7 operation, with failover support, a metal cabinet with rear carry handles and a strong 3-year limited commercial warranty.

  • 46" and 55" Screen Sizes
  • UltraSlim 3.5mm Combined Bezel Width (55")
  • UltraSlim 5.7mm Combined Bezel Width (46")
  • Bright 500 and 700 Nit Models (55")
  • Bright 500 Nit Model (46")
  • Metal Cabinet with Rear Carry Handles
  • OPS Expansion Slot
  • 24/7 Professional Operation
  • 1080p Full HD Resolution
  • Portrait & Landscape Orientation
  • Tiling Mode (10x10)
  • RS232C In/Out, LAN and IR Control
  • Failover Capability
  • Available Calibration Software
  • 3-Year Limited Commercial Warranty

Quality Professional Grade Video Wall Displays for a Wide Variety of Applications


Compelling digital signage requires dynamic displays that draw and maintain user attention. Whether it’s an ad, a directory or a video, a clear, bright display increases its effectiveness. Toshiba has bright, robust displays that fit the needs of any retailer from large big-box chains to small single-store operations.


Whether it’s for your lobby where you want to create the right first impression, your boardroom to ensure an impactful presentation, or your office to effectively collaborate, Toshiba has the right display for each and every need across your enterprise.


Reach students and visitors across campus with vibrant displays in the student center, auditorium and gym. Then really connect with students in the classroom or laboratory with impactful displays that improve learning and retention. Toshiba’s wide range of quality displays includes the right solution for every touch point.


Gain your customer’s attention and then keep it. Digital menu boards allow for eye-popping graphics and scheduled or live content adjustments to ensure you pique the customer’s interest and drive sales. In a sit-down environment, Dynamic entertainment displays keep customers in their seats longer, further increasing your revenue opportunity. Toshiba has a variety of display solutions for QSR, fast casual and full-service restaurants to help you grow your business.

Key Features

UltraSlim Combined Bezel Width

55" - 3.5mm, 46" - 5.7mm

High Brightness (X - 700 nits, M - 500 nits):

Creates more compelling, dynamic images to better attract and maintain customers’ attention in a variety of lighting environments.

Speaker Out

Send the speaker signal to outboard speakers for alternative speaker placement.

Available Calibration Software

Available PC software allows for fast, simple color calibration of the video wall.

Metal Cabinet with Rear Carry Handles

The ultimate in cabinet strength and ease of handling.

Intel® OPS Expansion Slot

The Intel® Open Pluggable Specification slot allows optional compliant modules to be inserted into the display. Media players, digital tuners or other advanced modules can be utilized to add functionality to the display without any external boxes, cables or power cords.

Tiling Mode with DVI In/Out and DisplayPort In/(Out 55")

Enables these displays to be daisy-chained together to form a large video wall with up to 100 displays, without a separate video controller.

Professional Grade 24/7 Operation

These robust displays were specifically designed for trouble-free 24/7 operation in a commercial environment and also include a litany of commercial features.

Landscape and Portrait Modes

Special heat-dispersion engineering allows the display to be placed in standard landscape mode, or vertical portrait mode, for maximum deployment flexibility.

Failover Capability

If the main connected media player stops working, the system can automatically switch to an alternative source to maintain content display.

Multiple External Control Options with RS232C, LAN (and IR 55")

Control display functions, and receive two-way control feedback, with RS232C and LAN control options. For more basic installations, you can also utilize the IR Port for control.

3-Year Limited Commercial Warranty

Toshiba shows its dedication to quality with a strong 3-Year Limited Commercial Warranty. Add to that a dedicated, quick-response support line for commercial displays, and an advanced replacement service, and you can feel confident with Toshiba.
  1. AC In
  2. Main Power Switch
  3. IR In
  4. IR Out
  5. RS-232C In
  6. RS-232C Out
  7. Ethernet
  8. HDMI 1 In
  9. HDMI 2 In
  10. DVI In
  11. DVI Out / VGA Out
  12. DisplayPort In
  13. VGA In (D-Sub)
  14. Component In (BNC)
  15. Composite Video Input (Shared)
  16. PC Line In
  17. Speaker Switch
  18. Audio In
  19. Audio Out
  20. USB Port
  21. Speakers Out
  22. OPS Slot
  23. Anti-Theft Lock